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Our philosophy

Magicians who have lost or worn out their old tricks or books will find them again on the Modern Conjuring Center. The quality of the old and vintage tricks are often higher than the new ones. Beginners may find the old classics here. Collectors can find bargains and find rarities.

We are trying to add tricks or books every day. All our magic have highest quality. We do not sell tricks who are damaged or not working.

Modern Conjuring Center is committed to being your long-term partner on the road ahead, providing outstanding service with honesty and integrity unparalleled in the magic industry. We care about your success.

How Do We Do It?

Personalized, friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service - We strive to offer the best customer service. You will receive friendly, personal attention every time you order.

Accurate Order Processing - Competitive Pricing


Orders will always go out within 24 hours!

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Honest and Timely Advertising - To keep you informed about the latest and greatest products on our e-mail updates.


In the world of magic, tricks and effects are very difficult to protect legally and, as a result, many unscrupulous dealers simply copy the creations of others without permission.

In an effort to help those who wish to buy ethically and support the original creators while avoiding the "new" versions of their effects we do not buy any rip-off tricks or books.


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